Introduction to media planning

Why plan?

  • Gain the maximum exposure with your resources by planning your media systems.
  • Make it easy for the media to cover your action. Supply free content that is valuable for their business models.
  • When the mainstream media uses the content that you produce, it is harder for them to frame you in a negative way
  • Become your own journalist and tell your story your way, to your own audience.


  • Plan how you are going to frame your message so you are clear and effective in communicating it
  • Plan how you are going to produce and distribute your media with your available resources
  • Integrate media planning into the core design of your action or campaign

Producing media

  • Press releases are used for sending to journalists and via your own media channels
  • Produce your own Photography, Video and/or Audio
  • Produce your own stories, articles and wrap-ups
  • Access media professionals to help if you can. DYI if not
  • Learn to produce and distribute media on your phone
  • Teach your supporters to produce and distribute media on their phones

Getting your media to journalists and news channels

  • Journalists are overloaded so connect with them
  • Build a list of journalists to send your press releases to.
  • Build relationships with specific journalists that are likely to cover your campaign or action
  • Follow up your press releases with phone calls to specific journalists
  • Lots of journalists use social media so build twitter lists for your targeted journalists

Getting your media to your own audience

  • Learn social media to create your own audience
  • Form and use your existing relationships to  share resources, lists and audience. Support each other by sharing each others content
  • Form partnerships to syndicate your content. For example you could write a blog post for a independent news site or blog
  • Build your audience by giving them updates, quality content and involving them

Be creative

  • Use theatre, art, music, drama, props, design, infographics, technology, experimentation


Last updated: September 3rd, 2020

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