Participation Agreement and Safety

This Participation Agreement and Safety example is from Reef Defenders

Always remember RESPECT COUNTRY, CULTURE & COMMUNITY and always act NON-VIOLENTLY towards others, yourself, creatures & the land.
Non Violence
The camp decided by consensus that we are committed to the principles of Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA) and that everyone must abide by these principles while here. This means you must:

  • Behave and speak respectfully to other people, including camp members, mine workers and police.
  • Not behave in a violent, aggressive, or intimidating way towards other people, including camp members, mine workers and police.
  • This campaign does not use or endorse property destruction as a tactic.

If you experience or see any aggressive or intimidating behaviour, gently remind the person of their commitment to these principles, or ask someone else for assistance. Violent behaviour will NOT be tolerated.
Here are some links courtesy of our friends at CounterAct to read more about non-violence:

This is a working camp, and whilst there is always room to unwind at the end of a day, we need to respect the right of others to get sleep when they can.
Generally, try keep noise to a minimum between 10pm & 6am.
Decision making – Your voice matters!
Most decisions at camp are made by consensus. This means that decisions made, are done in a way that all present are comfortable to move forward with the outcome. Participants must enter this process with a spirit of flexibility. In some cases, where consensus cannot be reached, modified consensus will be used, whereby a 75% majority must be reached for a decision to be made.
Everybody at camp is welcomed and encouraged to contribute new ideas and participate in decisions made here. We all share equal responsibility for these decisions.
Reef Defenders are aspirationally a flat, non-heirachichal organisation. However respect for ‘elder’ activists and their knowledge is important in the spirit of learning from history and to build a powerful, and skillful movement.
We encourage people to challenge the informal hierarchies that form within camp. We respect that some hierarchies are formal – that being traditional and non-traditional land owners and/or custodians and that they need to be respected.
The actions you take in and around the forest, the camp and the community will reflect on the whole group. Please remember this at all times, and don’t do anything that will impact the camp without discussing it with everyone else, and respecting the consensus outcome. If there is an issue that you think needs to be resolved, start the discussion. Don’t wait for someone else to.
Please note that there is a security culture that exists within this camp. Some activities operate on a ‘need to know’ basis, but feel free to ask questions.
Camp Maintenance – We’re all in this together
There are plenty of opportunities to pitch in to the campaign no matter what skills you have. We all share responsibility for camp maintenance, cleanliness, and hygiene.
Please sign your name up to the tasks board to collectively be part of keeping camp safe and clean. If you are unsure about how to do something – ask someone – but feel free to be creative in the way you perform any activity.
Please wash your hands before handling food, and after visiting the toilet block.
Pull your weight to keep the camp healthy and litter free. Please use the biodegradable, grey-water-friendly soaps and shampoo provided.
We encourage the use of ethical products where possible.
Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs
Whilst you are here and in the surrounding community, you are a member of the camp and Reef Defenders, and your actions will be viewed as a representative of the campaign.
If you have a substance abuse problem, had issues in the past at camp or find that you have behaviour issues discussed in this policy, you are encouraged to discuss it with a safer spaces representative upon entering or returning to the camp.
At all times drunken behaviour will not be tolerated. A drink is ok, drunk is not.
Illegal drugs are not allowed at any time. Please be aware that police car searches are common. Your actions in the camp and the surrounding community will have serious impacts on the campaign and the broader movement.
This is a serious matter and breaches will result in you being asked to leave.
If you smoke, respect others who don’t. Please do not smoking during meetings and in communal areas and going outside of these areas. Be responsible for your own cigarette butts and their disposal. NO BUTTS ON THE GROUND.
Please be mindful in the way that you behave and your consumption and it’s effects on others.
Safety in the Bush and at camp
When you leave camp make sure at least one person knows where you are going and what time you estimate to be back. Wear closed-in shoes or boots for safety.
If you have little experience in the bush, camping, or at blockades, go slowly, observe the behaviour of others and don’t hesitate to ask questions.
You engage in activities around the area and at camp at your own risk. When you acknowledge that you have read this document, please be aware that the owner of the property (insert name) nor Reef Defenders, have no legal responsibility for any injury or damage to or loss of your property.
We extremely fortunate to have beautiful water from a bore on site. This is used for drinking, cooking and showering. Please use it wisely, flushing judiciously and taking short showers. If it is brown flush it down, if it is yellow let it mellow is a good rule of thumb for the toilet.
Avoid Dehydration
Drink plenty of water in the morning and ensure you always take a drink bottle when you go anywhere. If you are dehydrated, ask a first aider or one of the kitchen volunteers for some drinking salts (Hydralite etc.).
Local Roads and Farm Gates
Driving on dirt roads is dangerous activity, please obey the 80km/h speed limit on dirt roads – but it is ok to take it slower. If someone wants to pass you, pull over when safe to do so. On Black Mountain Creek Road it is strictly 50km/h and just 30km/h when passing a house. Please respect this, no matter what speed you see other vehicles doing.
Please ensure when driving in convoy to leave at least 4 car lengths between yourself and the car in front.
We are operating in a farming community and camp on Cliff’s working farm, Wando. If you open a farm gate for access, SHUT IT immediately after you have gone through and close it securely – the way that you found it. Ask questions if you are unsure.
At all times dogs must be kept on a leash and out of the kitchen and the eating area surrounding the kitchen.
This is important to ensure that breaking up dog disagreements does not become a source of disharmony in the camp. People who do not have dog companions should not have to deal with the day to day management issues of dogs. There is a daily morning Doggy Pow Wow after the morning meeting and attendance of those with dog companions is REQUIRED.
Remember lead by example. Consider whether it is appropriate for your dog to come if you feel you that this will be an issue.
First Aid
If you have first aid qualifications, please let one of the other campers know upon your arrival. We have a first aid station situated in the centre of the camp grounds. Please familiarise yourself with the location of the station.
Buddy System and Affinity Groups
It is a great idea to find a buddy or to get into an affinity group to keep an eye on each other. Blockading and actions can be stressful activities. Learn your group/buddy’s stress behaviours and monitor them throughout any actions and in the camp.
000 is still the emergency number in the area.
The nearest hospital is XXX

Last updated: July 16th, 2016

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