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Support terms:
9am-5pm Mon-Fri Phone Support.
9am-5pm Mon-Sun Ticket Support.

Submit support tickets to:
Phone: 1300 341 877

People authorised to contact Support:

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WordPress Support

ActionSkills does not offer emergency support and need to schedule work no matter how urgent. Of course we will prioritise your situation and help you out when we are available. It is possible that when you need help, we may be out in the bush somewhere and unable to help quickly. If you think you may require emergency WordPress support in the future, we recommend finding a WordPress supplier that is setup to provide this service.

All requests to be via email: email address

WordPress Maintenance

ActionSkills are running automated WordPress, theme and plugin upgrades weekly (usually Mondays). This process advises ActionSkills of any errors which will then get fixed. If a specific issue is complex or time consuming, ActionSkills will roll back the site and advise the client.

This system is not foolproof and regular testing of the website is required by Organisation team with extra focus on Call to actions such as contacts and donates.


A) Manual by Example  using BackupBuddy. Only run backups when work has been done on the site and before major software upgrades

  1. Dashboard > BackupBuddy > Complete backup
  2. let the backup run until all the green ticks are ticked (you can leave and come back)
  3. Click the blue button at the top “Send to an Offsite Destination”
  4. Click “exampleaws”
  5. Click “Backups” in BackupBuddy Menu
  6. Delete all backups except the one you have just done. This keeps one ready for roll back, without filling server with data. The old backups are on ActionSkills AWS.

B) Automated by Host – JetBackup in Cpanel
(approx 4 snapshots per day – check JetBackup to confirm)


ActionSkills has configured Ithemes security on the website.
Ensure all people with access to the website has strong passwords and understand basic digital security.


If your website is down, broken or hacked:

  1. Don’t freak out
  2. Clear all caches
  3. Check http://status.serversaurus.net/
  4. Contact your host and ask if there are issues with the hosting environment
  5. If the site has been hacked,roll back (a backup) to a version before the hack.
    A) if you can access WP-Admin roll back using backup buddy
    B) if not roll back using JetbackUp
    C) if that fails contact host to help roll back
    D) contact ActionSkills to roll back a BackupBuddy backup
  6. Login and upgrade WordPress, plugins and themes
  7. Change all the WordPress user passwords
  8. Send ActionSkills the updated password
  9. If problems persist contact ActionSkills.
  10.  If we establish that rollbacks have been unsuccessful in clearing the hack, you may request that we clean it up and re-secure your site or you may consider using Securi to clean your site


You may also want to setup up third party monitoring service to check up on your hosting. These services check your website and email or sms you if it goes down. A lot of hosts will not advise you if your site goes down for a short time so it is a good idea to keep an eye on their reliability.

Example free monitors:

  • https://uptrends.com
  • https://uptimerobot.com/