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What is a domain?

A domain name is your website address on the internet and gives you an online identity or brand. It’s a valuable part of your business identity and is an important marketing tool that can help customers find and identify with your business. A domain usually looks like this: The components of a URL (website […]

How to choose a domain

Choosing a domain name can be tricky as lots of words have already been registered by someone else and are not available. Some tips for choosing a name: Be unique – this will make it more likely that your name is available. It is also more likely that your social media names will be available. […]

How to register a domain

You can register/purchase your domain name from numerous online companies called a “Registrar”. Accredited registrars can be found here Separate companies to register your domain and hosting? using the same company is simpler, one bill and same notifications system Seperate companies makes it much easier to change hosting companies in the future.   Public […]

What is hosting?

Hosting is where your website lives on the internet. This includes the actual computers and hardware that runs your website. Machine You can run your website from your laptop or computer. This is not a good idea due to redundancy. Website servers have the same components as a normal computer and are optimised to fit […]

How to choose the best host

Here are some considerations when choosing your hosting company Support You get what you pay for and ensure you are paying for support. Make sure you look for 24hr support. I have had a case in the past where a site has gone down and the host company did not notice it then or in […]

Hosting – basic client tools

When you sign up for a hosting packing you will receive access to an area where you log into. This allows you to: manage your hosting set up your email install software do backups Do not go with a hosting company that will not give you access to these controls. These management areas vary across […]

How to get a domain working with your website

Once you have registered your domain you will need to set it up so that it works with your hosting. The domain needs to be “Delegated” by configuring the “DNS” (domain name server). This means the domain needs to be “pointed” to your host using the DNS codes. Usually your registrar and/or your host will […]

Email and the different approaches

Email can be setup in various ways: Hosted with your website as one account. Hosted (separate from your website) by a dedicated email company (eg. Gmail). Hosted (separate from your website) by your company’s or organisation internal IT department (eg. exchange) All these methods can use your domain name in your email address eg. () […]

Hosting – setting up email

The process of setting up your email varies across hosts. Your hosting company will provide you a management area where you login and set up your email. For more information, see  Hosting – basic client tools

Disaster planning

Disaster Plan for Host Check Status Support terms: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri Phone Support. 9am-5pm Mon-Sun Ticket Support. Submit support tickets to: Phone: 1300 341 877 People authorised to contact Support: Person 1: Person 2: Person 3: To add more contacts: WordPress Support ActionSkills does not offer emergency support […]

FTP – introduction

FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol. Your website is hosted on a machine somewhere on the internet (local or in another country). Within your hosting setup is your account that contains all your website files and data. This is a very similar setup to your own computer. So think of your account as your […]

Code editors – introduction

For advanced customisation of WordPress, you will need to edit software files. It is really important to use a simple text editor. A simple text editor does not have any formatting (bold/fonts etc). If you edit website files with an editor that supports formatting, you will likely corrupt them. Advanced code editors display the various […]

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