How to get a domain working with your website

Once you have registered your domain you will need to set it up so that it works with your hosting.
The domain needs to be “Delegated” by configuring the “DNS” (domain name server).
This means the domain needs to be “pointed” to your host using the DNS codes.
Usually your registrar and/or your host will help you delegate the DNS.
Your host will supply you with the DNS and they will look something like this:
You registrar will have an area where you log in and can update the DNS. The exact details of how they manage this varies between registrars. If you cannot find where to configure this, ask the registrar.
Delegation can take between half an hour and 48 hours to completely delegate so bear this in mind when planning a launch to ensure you leave enough time for this process to happen. Usually Australian domains will only take between 0.5 and  8 hours to delegate.

Last updated: September 4th, 2020

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