Email and the different approaches

Email can be setup in various ways:

  • Hosted with your website as one account.
  • Hosted (separate from your website) by a dedicated email company (eg. Gmail).
  • Hosted (separate from your website) by your company’s or organisation internal IT department (eg. exchange)

All these methods can use your domain name in your email address eg. ()
The easiest way setup your email is to combine it with your hosting package.
Setting up your email to work with a dedicated email company such as Gmail is more complex. If you are technically savvy, google will show you how, otherwise you may need a hand to set this up.
Many large companies have a dedicated email system if they have many employees. This would be setup and managed by their IT department.
There are two main email protocols.

  • POP – This method involves you downloading the email to your email client (email software) and does not store email on the server. This is an older protocol that works best if you only use one device and client to read your email.
  • IMAP –  This method stores the email on a central server and you can connect to your email using multiple devices and clients. This is the preferred method to setup your email. For example Gmail uses IMAP.

Our recommendation is to keep it simple. If you’re a small company then use IMAP hosted with the company hosting your website as one account. Usually this is setup automatically when you sign up for your website hosting and the host will provide instructions for you.

Last updated: September 4th, 2020

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