Strategy – campaign smarter

Modern campaigning and the supporting technologies can be complex.

ActionSkills can guide you through the complexities of campaign and digital strategies to create a plan to setup and then scale your campaign.

Our process includes implimenting both technical and people systems with training and support so that your team works smarter, more efficiently with less costs and stress.

Campaign strategy

“A strategy for a social change campaign should communicate your theory of change, the political context you are working in, the problems and solutions, your goals, power analysis, tactics and timeline.” Definition by James Whelan

Digital strategy

Digital campaign strategy is planning how we will use digital tools and approaches to support the campaign in a practical sense. We can look at it as the digital component of the campaign strategy.


User persona and journey mapping

We work with you to understand your audience and how they interact with your campaign or business, and how to best set up and refine your digital systems for better user experiences.

CRM consulting and implimentation

Client Relationship Managers are a type of database used to manage interactions and communications with your audience.

ActionSkills works across a wide number of systems and specialise in:

Information and interface design

We review your content, messaging and information to recommend the best presention of your information. This process includes the design of technical categoratisation and data filtering.

ActionSkills specialise in designing and building the technology for complex library systems such as the Commons Library and the Change Agency

Software and system selection

There are so many applications out there and new sytems are being released regularly. Some are much better than others and costs vary widely. We work with you to create a brief and then we use our rigorous selection process to select the best applications for your technical requirements, skill levels and budget.


Pathways and the central node concept

Lets get started...

The best way to work out where to start is to book a quick introductory meeting on Zoom, or you can get in touch via email. We can discuss your  needs and how we can help you.