Data and automation

Data and digital automation tools have become the backbone of modern campaigns, organisations and small businesses.

We can automate many tasks allowing you to focus on growing your campaign and increasing your actions, donations and/or sales.

ActionSkills can guide you through the vast array of options, approaches and complexities to design the best systems for your specific needs.

We can help you with the nuts and bolts of setting up and automating your systems, as well as provide training and support.

CRM consulting and implimentation

Client Relationship Managers are a type of database used to manage interactions and communications with your audience.

ActionSkills works across a wide number of systems and specialise in:

CRM/data/automation audits

We can audit your current systems to offer suggestions on how to improve your campaign experience for your audience, team and volunteers.

Software and system selection

There are so many applications out there and new sytems are being released regularly. Some are much better than others and costs vary widely. We work with you to create a brief and then we use our rigorous selection process to select the best applications for your technical requirements, skill levels and budget.

Analytics and reporting

We implemnet systems to allow you to understand your data and audience to facilitate ongoing improvement and to provide the data required for reporting.


We help you to plan and impliment data automation to save time, remove boring tasks and improve your audience experience.


ActionNetwork setup

Setup and configure your new CRM into your website

$660 - More info

Email deliverability

Audit and configuration of your email domain to pass spam filters.

$330 - More info


Pathways and the central node concept

Lets get started...

The best way to work out where to start is to book a quick introductory meeting on Zoom, or you can get in touch via email. We can discuss your  needs and how we can help you.