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Date: 05/06/2020


Understanding and choosing a CRM is hard so we will be discussing three popular CRM’s used in Australia.

CRM = Client Relationship manager. These are specialist databases designed to improve you communication and management of your people. We discussed the basics of CRM’s in our  Organising people with databases webinar.

There are a plethora of options available including CRM’s designed for NFP/NGO’s, as well as commercial applications being adapted for NFP use.

ActionNetwork and NationBuilder are American based applications that are widely used in Australia, while Raisely (kepla) was designed here for an Australian context.


We will interview the following people who are using these applications to discuss their pros and cons and use case scenarios:

Bess Murphy – Discussing the use of Raisley/Kepla
Community Engagement Coordinator – Cairns and Far North Environment Centre

Phil Evans – Discussing the use of NationBuilder
Development Coordinator – Friends of the Earth Australia

Ariane Stark – Discussing the use of ActionNetwork
Senior Campaigns Consultant – Essential Media

David Paris – Campaigns Manager – Digital Rights Watch
very quick overview of

Glenn Todd – Facilitator
Director – ActionSkills

Discussion on use case scenarios using all three apps

Questions from Audience

Quick overview of other related tools and apps such as

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