Social Media Guide for non-action days

This example is from the Frontline Action on Coal.
Voice and Style: Who is FLAC?
FLAC is cheeky and a bit of a smart arse, but this comes from a well informed place. FLAC doesn’t peddle lies, but rather relies on fact and science to make the story true. That being said FLAC will use a weasel word if there is doubt about the authenticity of a claim – eg – may, is believed to, allegations etc – but doesn’t peddle conspiracy theory to its followers. That means no to chem trails and planet x.
FLAC loves a laugh – and this is usually best on show on Twitter – with clever use of puns and witticisms.
FLAC is a generous Retweeter – of partner orgs and individuals – but very selectively and rarely shares on Facebook – tending towards our own content creation where possible and linking directly to content as much as possible.
FLAC always makes an ask (call to action) on FB – READ MORE, LIKE AND SHARE, VISIT CAMP etc… but never makes more than 2 in a post.
Vital Elements of Social Media Posts

      • Picture    /Video
        • memes and infographics rule – make sure if you are linking to an article that the image is appropriate –
        • HOT TIP!! DID YOU KNOW you can upload custom photos for links like news articles?
      • Hastag
        • eg- #LeardBlockade Yes hastags on FB 😉
      • Link
        • (try direct them to a related ask or action – eg –
      • Campaign Quick Line – assume the reader knows NOTHING
        • …protecting farms, forest, community, culture and climate from the corruption of Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek mine in the Leard State Forest.


  • Twitter
    • Picture/Video
    • Hastags
      • spread the word far and wide… what is trending? – #climate, #auspol, #nswpol, etc
    • Link
      • where possible to with more reading content – surely you couldn’t say everything in 140 characters! (Not relevant for live tweeting)

Trolls and Comments and Liking Content

  • Just like a seagull, don’t feed the trolls – leave it to our supporters to sort ‘em out… and they will.
    • If you have to respond (this will likely be an emotional response), make sure you do as YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT. Responding as FLAC is exactly what they want you to do and empowers their voice.
    • DON’T RESPOND AS FLAC (really – we mean it)
  • Only delete offensive comments or threatening comments. We have a guideline on our about page stating this will be done. Just because you don’t like the comment, don’t delete it.
    • Eg – don’t delete ‘go home hippes’ but do delete ‘fuck off hippies and go die”
  • Like positive comments on our posts as FLAC and only reply if it is appropriate.
  • Like posts from our partner orgs and supporters. Try to only like content that is against coal (or unconventional gas like CSG).
    • Only like if it is a liable source. Eg- posts on climate change are dodgy. So don’t endorse it.
    • If in doubt – don’t like it.
  • If someone posts on (positively) Leard then DEFINITELY like and comment as FLAC – this will help people interested find us. Linking to Visit #LeardBlockade page is a great idea 😉
  • If you see a negative post on Leard then comment that people can join the fight by visiting


  • Do 2 Facebook posts and 5 Tweets – spaced out see schedule below for Facebook
  • Retweet any interesting Tweets on #LeardBlockade
  • Reply to any Direct Messages or comments that need replying to on Facebook or Twitter
  • Record any media stories related to the campaign in the Weekly Media Report
  • Check email for Media Alerts (folder under inbox) and  generated by Google Updates – Leard Forest, Whitehaven Coal and Maules Creek) update the Weekly Media Report
  • Look at the and the Narrabri Courier for stories that might link in to our campaign
  • Reply to DMs on Twitter and PMs in Facebook – if you can’t answer email someone who might be able to

Facebook Post Suggested Schedule – Ideas – If something interesting is happening – run with it!
If you are unsure – look at our friends posts and share their content… Greenpeace, TWS, 350 Australia, Optikal Alkemi, Lock the Gate, or bring an idea from Twitter!
Did you know you can SCHEDULE POSTS on Facebook?

  • AM (before 9am) – Make a meme with a photo from last weeks actions
  • PM (before 5pm)


  • AM (before 9am)
  • PM (before 5pm)


  • AM (before 9am) – Make a meme with a photo from last weeks actions
  • MIDDAY – Hump day blues – invite them to come to the camp for the weekend as a way to get away from it all –
  • PM (before 5pm)


  • AM (before 9am)
  • PM (before 5pm)


  • AM (before 9am)
  • MIDDAY – Do a Friday afternoon fun post inviting people to come to the camp an example being a witty meme with a photo showing the community/fun activities that happen around camp.
  • PM (before 5pm)


  • PM (before 5pm)


  • PM (before 5pm) Do a week wrap up of events and direct people to and encourage them to visit the #LeardBlockade by visiting

Social Media Tips

  • Remember every Facebook and Twitter post should use #LeardBlockade
  • Go crazy on Twitter and experiment with #hashtags and DMs.
  • EVERY Facebook post should have a link to a page on – even if it is a secondary link on the post. I.e -the post may be a link to another site… but still put on the post
  • Always presume that people don’t know the campaign. They may share a photo and someone totally new may see it. Explicitly state Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek coal mine in the Leard State Forest on Facebook.
  • Pictures are the key!! Always ensure there is some sort of image!
  • Don’t be scared to make infographics and memes in down time with the great pictures – test them on Twitter first – i.e. – post them all on Twitter and then only post the most successful (retweets and favourites) on Facebook.
  • Interesting (smiling activists!) pictures and videos are the key to viral content
  • Twitter loves a good pun!

Don’t forget to join the conversation! Social media is about conversation, not just transmission of information.

Last updated: July 16th, 2016

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