Example media plan for a protest event

A  documented media plan allows more people to work on the media strategy. More people can also contribute to media as volunteers and find where their skills fit into the plan. Media planners are able to identify gaps in roles that will need to be shared or filled.

This document was the Proposed media structure for #ClosePineGap.
Written by Glenn Todd, based on consensus structures used for frontlineaction.org and reefdefenders.net


Online Supporter Information pack
Twitter Resources


Alice Springs Media Collective

  • whoever on the ground that wants to participate that has been vouched for. Ideally representatives of the various groups and collectives.
  • meets daily to direct the media and messaging for the day.

Alice Springs Live Media Center

  • creating space for geeks, photographers, journalists, artists, media makers etc

Alice Springs Live Social Media team

  • contributing to the social event swarm and helping other participants use social media
  • uploading media to mediafire

Remote Social Media Team

  • supporting the on the ground team remixing media, supporting the messaging and memes

Traditional Media Team

  • Press releases
  • Media wrangling


  • Creating artwork and meme templates

Remix Team

  • remixing live media published on mediafire using graphics and templates

Public Sites


  • adding/managing media, updates, releases and news

FaceBook: Page | Event

  • Adding one or two updates per day
  • participating in conversation

Twitter: @ClosePineGap | #ClosePineGap

  • Retweet participants work
  • Post media, updates, releases and news
  • participating in conversation

You Tube


Control of Social Media Sites

  • There must be at least 3 with admin access at all times.
  • The admins must be decided by group consensus.
  • Passwords shared securely
  • Access List To be confirmed

Social Media Authors

  • All people given access to publish (Authors) via any of our digital accounts must read and agree to follow our content guidelines
  • Authors access must be vouched by at least two admins
  • An Admin is required to review an authors communication for a period of time until it is established they understand what they are doing and are following the content guidelines.

Social Media Content Guidelines

  • Keep on topic. Gain a second admin support to publish posts not directly related
  • Prioritise local actions and events
  • Only Non-violent language, framing and imagery. Avoid aggressive or attacking or angry language.
  • If you are in an angry mood, Gain a second admin opinion on your posts before publishing
  • No criticism of any organisation, people, actions without consensus
  • Controversial content needs support of all admins or goes to group consensus
  • NO NO NO! posting whilst drunk or intoxicated

working on:

  • response – guidelines for trolls,  how to respond to comments on posts
  • messages – checking and responding to FB messages etc
  • Strategy for dealing with negative attacks from locals (media and trolls)

Media organising tools

Media Mail List:

  • discussion of media in leadup to event. will be replaced by Secret facebook event

Media – Secret Facebook Group

  • to be setup
  • for media partipants to discuss media to replace the email list


  • upload media from the ground. This allows direct access to the remote teams: Social, Graphics and remix
  • shortlists of media (photos and video) to release for journalists and remote supporters

Media Spreadsheet

  • contains contacts and twitter lists
  • ask for access


  • Extended Doc – Ask for access
  • condensed version to be published to this  site

Online Supporter Information pack

Graphic Library

  • We have setup a ClosePineGap Mediafire to share photos
  • Need to building a library of images that we have permission to use. This allows us to quickly make memes.

Training resources

Reference Documents

  • Ask for access

Last updated: September 4th, 2020

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