WordPress Training

Need WordPress help from a human in person?

New website but don’t know where to start?

Just want to be shown a few things you are stuck on?

Prefer English instead of techo goobly gook?

Glenn can help you! 


With the best WordPress Training Australia has to offer, Glenn will take you from novice to awesome at WordPress.

Learn from the expert with 24 years experience producing sites for iconic brands, many small businesses and not-for-profits.

Glenn is dedicated to teaching you the basic tools to wrangle control of your WordPress site – no matter what skill level you’re starting from.

WordPress training can be delivered at your office or using video conferencing.

Not sure? Lets have a chat to discuss what you need.

An in person group WordPress Training session

He can even get 81 year olds to grock it…

Chris Sanderson

I hired Glenn to present a workshop on social media and user generated content to a trusted client. Glenn is clearly an expert and my client was extremely impressed with his level of knowledge and energy. I look forward to working again with Glenn in the future.

Simon Waller

Glenn is a massive computer nerd and thats why he is an excellent person to learn wordpress or any computer related subject off. He offers in-depth insights into the virtual world and breathes life into what would otherwise be an incredibly boring subject. Thanks a lot Glenn for sharing your expertise and guiding us through the ins and outs of webdesign.

Nimai Dawe

I attended a WordPress training by Glenn. He’s highly knowledgeable, passionate and has real integrity.

Chris Watkins

Free WordPress webinars

If you would like to experience our training approach, here is 32 hours of free quality webinars – Learn how to build websites 

WordPress training  just for your needs

Skip the hours of online videos

  • Personal training is flexible and delivered in any format you like
  • Usually we start with a list of things you want to be able to do. Then I review the site to ensure it has been setup using best practice.
  • From there we meet on zoom or in person with our computers and start training.


  • Location: Via video conferencing or in person.
  • Cost: $110ph NFP, $150 Commercial (Inc GST)
  • Documentation: Screen recordings provided free upon request
  • Minimum time: 1 hour online. In person depends on travel time.
  • Max time: As long as you want
  • FAQ‘s can be found on our primary training page

Personal online WordPress training

  1. Schedule a quick chat to ask any questions before making a booking 
  2. Send a list of specific tasks and/or goals that you want help with, as well as admin access to your website or tech platform
  3. We run the training session with you and send you the recording,
  4. Schedule any follow up sessions you need

In person WordPress training

Contact us to schedule a quick chat to discuss your needs, location, number of people and any other logistics. We can then send you a proposal.

Glenn Todd – Digital Coach and WordPress Trainer

For over 24 years, Glenn has been building successful websites for businesses and community groups.

Glenn is passionate about empowering people to use technology to solve important problems.

With a reputation as a teacher, Glenn is known for simplifying the often very technical aspects of the web so that his clients are empowered to manage their websites independently.

Take control of your blog?

Control of the presentation and technology of your blog and get rid of expensive web designers and on going, time-consuming maintenance.

Or build successful websites for a living?

Learn the practical skills to confidently create awesome websites that produce results for your paying clients.

Planning a new website?

Let us show you around all the basic framework and essential scaffolding and give you the knowledge to assertively direct industry professionals in building your site, allowing you to achieve much more with less money.

Beginners’ welcome!

We’re experienced in working with beginners and we will translate all the techno speak into plain English so you can understand us!

I’m lucky enough to be trained by Glenn in WordPress and online strategy. His training is well structured, practical and caters to a diverse audience, always responsive to their needs and level of experience.

I highly recommend his training programs.

Maria Simonelli

Partnership Facilitator

Glenn’s knowledge is infinite, his training methods are concise, very time efficient yet extremely thorough. He is very personable, provides the perfect learning environment and always provides a comprehensive answer to any question.

I highly recommend Glenn to anyone considering participating in any of his training courses. Glenn knows his work inside out.

Dan Purdey

Facilitator Trainer, Actor & Scientist

Glenn took proactive measures to enhance the functionality and aesthetic quality of the blog and we were impressed with his level of technical expertise, which he explained carefully and thoroughly.

We are very happy and would gladly recommend his services for any company that wants to promote it’s online presence.

Jasmin Tulk

Graphic Designer - The Australian Ballet

Lets get started...

The best way to work out where to start is to book a quick introductory meeting on Zoom, or you can get in touch via email. We can discuss your  needs and how we can help you.