Project Handover


We got there. Your new website is live.

YAY, WHOO HOO! The crowd cheers.

We have moved the website to your new home and also completed these little tasks:

  • Reset the email form with your email
  • Adjusted the setting to allow Google to index the site
  • Updated the premium plugin licences
  • Updated all the software
  • Completed a final backup
  • Checked your facebook image

With great powers, comes great responsibilities

Its always great to quote spiderman!

Your website is now your responsibility and there are a few things you will need to sort out.


Test the contact and any other forms to ensure the email is being received. Sometimes things stop working so you you should test the form regularly unless you are receiving regular email (which confirms it is working). Breaks are rare but as this is so important to you, keep an eye on it.

Finalise your Disaster Plan

This is not as scary as it sounds. This ensures you are setup to avoid major issues and if something goes wrong like your website is hacked, you know what to do. No need to freak out. Visit this page to help you create your plan: 

Sort your backups

Backup after working on your site and before upgrading.  Ensure you download a recent full copy of your website on your computer or system in case your host gets taken out by hackers or goes broke and disappears. (both scenarios have happened to large Australian hosts who lost all of their client backups). See more information: 


As WordPress is the most popular platform on the planet, it gets targeted by automated robot hackers who would like to add spam and malware so they can use your site to scam other people.

Th awesome WordPress community is constantly updating everything to keep you protected and to improve the software. You must update regularly or you will get hacked.

Make sure you are backed up and do this at a off peak time (and not the morning before a big media push) in case anything goes wrong. WordPress and Plugin upgrade errors are rare but you have a backup in case something goes wrong. Theme upgrades error sometimes if we have customised this for you. If you theme is heavily customised, you may need us to upgrade it for you.

We are current setting up a support service so we can do this for you.

Emergency support

We do not provide emergency support. Of course we will prioritise your situation and help you out when we are available. It is possible that when you need help, we may be out in the bush somewhere and unable to help quickly. We would have to increase our costs substantially to provide this type of service when it is best delivered by your host. Check out the disaster plan for advise on emergency support.

Followup services

We hope that our training and approach allows you do do a lot of the ongoing stuff yourself and save you money. We want your project to succeed and offer various ongoing services.