Be geek street-smart – Security is not perfect

High end security is very complex and can make using your technology less convenient. The aim of this guide is to implement good security and not perfect security. Security improvement is an ongoing process.

Unless you understand the technologies of a technical level, always assume your system is compromised and use your technology wisely. You may have perfect encrypted messaging but your system may have malware that is recording your keystrokes.

Do not communicate naughty stuff, research naughty stuff or do very naughty stuff using the internet or digital devices unless you are prepared to do the work of learning the technology in detail. This means understanding the security technology, applying it diligently and staying updated to ensure the systems haven’t been recently cracked.

Condoms have a small failure rate and can get complex if you are drunk. On the other hand, they substantially increase the protection of your sexual health. So although not perfect,  if you are participating is risky sexual activity, it is really smart to use them.

In the same way as digital security, we want to be smart and increase our safety. The level of protection will be up to you and your commitment.


How Police Secretly Took Over a Global Phone Network for Organized Crime. Police monitored a hundred million encrypted messages sent through Encrochat, a network used by career criminals to discuss drug deals, murders, and extortion plots.

Last updated: July 7th, 2020

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