Herd Immunity – My part in protecting everyone

They are looking for a needle in a haystack. Currently most of the hay is easy to search and therefore the needle is easier to find. If every straw is much more difficult and expensive to search, then finding that needle becomes a massive challenge.

We call this Herd immunity and it forces the state to go back to old style policing which involves actually following the law, obtaining warrants from judges and using proper evidence to target suspects.
Currently it is cheap to completely surveil and track everyone. This data is used to build profiles, relationship maps and analyse everyone.

If only a few people are protecting themselves they become targets, as it is assumed they have something worth spying on. When you and others start protecting themselves, then it gets very difficult and expensive to spy on everyone.

This is how you play an important role in protecting everyone in your network and networks beyond. As an added bonus, you also are directly resisting the surveillance state.
Spreading the word and helping your friends get secure helps them, you and everyone (except the dodgy spies)

Your personal security directly supports other activist’s work, as it makes what they’re doing much more secure. This is important, regardless if you’re involved in what others may be doing or planning.
The following video is shows the concept in the original medical context. (source)

Last updated: July 4th, 2020

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