Smart password mangement

Weak passwords are the primary way to hack you. Simple passwords can be broken by a “brute force attack” where average computers have enough resources to crack them reasonably quickly.

Password manager

A “Password manager” allows you to store all your passwords in one place and you only need to use one really strong password to access them all. Some Password mangers include software that enables easy login to your accounts via your browser.

All Eggs in one basket

Yes you are reducing your security a bit by putting all your stuff in one place, however this is far more secure than having multiple weak passwords or using the same password for multiple services.
The Password Manager allows you to easily store and use unique secure passwords for everything. Make sure your master password used to open your Password Manger is very secure and that you dont forget it.
Some people write the password on paper and stash it in a very secret location or leave it with a trusted friend in case they forget their password.

What is a secure password

  • The longer your password, the more secure. Make it long
  • Avoid names, places and dictionary words.
  • Avoid any personal information such as your child’s birth date
  • Contain a combination of numbers, symbols, upper-case letters, lower-case letters, and spaces.

How to create a secure password

One way is to write a long sentence that you will be able to remember. Try to add words, names or place names that won’t be in a dictionary. Then add some (or replace special characters, capitals and numbers.

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