Advanced anonymous internet

So you want to be a ninja online? Like martial arts to be truly invisible online you need to spend a lot of time becoming an expert in the technology. There are no shortcuts to becoming a martial arts ninja but there are some ways to skill up without being a top level security geek.

Use a secure operating system

Tails is an operating system created for security. It can be installed on a thumb drive and booted up on a computer. Download tails here
Qubes OS is also a security-oriented operating system

Assume your system is compromised

Although my eco-heart pains to say this, a new machine paid for with cash from a realworld computer store is the safest approach to using your existing machine. Some geeks buy a second machine and set it up specifically for security which restricts a lot of uses.

Advanced tutorials

Implement as much security and privacy as possible including Tor. Then search “How to buy Drugs online”.
Here is an interesting fact. People who trade in illegal drugs online are good at digital security and are much better at writing tutorials and instructions than geeky cryptologists.