Phone security

Phones have become very complex and usually ship with dodgy settings out of the box so the first and most important rule about modern smart phones is DON”T TRUST THEM. Make sure your are geek street smart.
Here are some ways to improve your phone security:

  1. learn your technology
  2. turn on encryption (of phone and any datacards)
  3. use a strong passcode
  4. install an encrypted messenger such as signal
  5. mange your location settings
  6. remove all the apps you do not actively use.
  7. choose a phone that has regular software updates and update it
  8. do not install FaceBook messenger and other apps that have been proven to upload personal data to their companies servers. (you can read fB messages via the browser using
  9. do not use voice control as the voice is uploaded to the companies private servers to process
  10. Turn off permissions for your Apps that are not needed. If your mobile device does not allow you to disable specific permissions, install another app that will allow you to control permissions.
  11.  Do not use one company such as google or apple for all your services. They are tracking and building a profile on you.
  12. clean up and delete (using a shredder) old data that does not need to be on there
  13. install a VPN

Old analogue phone security

The old Nokias are a favourite with activists. Yes they cannot have malware installed and hacked but don’t fool yourself into thinking they are more secure.
The authorities have been tapping phones since the lines were invented and your old phone is easily tapped. Your location can also be triangulated via the phone towers.
An you cannot install encrypted messagening. SO it is great you are saving resources by not upgrading but dont think it is any safer or secure.

Heading to a protest?

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