Encryption works – What is encryption?

The Snowden leaks has proven that encryption works and we can protect ourselves from spying.

Encryption involves using advanced mathematics to scramble your data, making it impossible to access without your key (password). I will not explore the technical aspects of cryptology here.
the basics you need to know are:

  • Encryption is a digital, mathematical lock
  • You can encrypt computers, phones, hard drives, folders and your communications. More information
  • Smart geeky people create systems that make the complex mathematics easy for us to use
  • Smart geeky people audit these tools and systems and can advise us the most secure ones to use
  • The Snowden leaks shows that strong encryption cannot be cracked (currently)
  • If your encryption is flawed, it will still increase the time and resources needed to spy on you (the current situation is that spying on you is very easy and low cost)
  • If you have the best encryption systems, you may have a virus that records your keyboard strokes so still be Geeky Street Smart

Last updated: July 6th, 2020

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